Commercial Grade Christmas Lights
Commercial Grade Christmas Lights

Government Lighting Project, City Lighting Project, Town Lighting Project, Commercial Projects
Outdoor commercial Christmas lights for your corporate landscape, office building or store front Outdoor commercial grade Christmas lights of all popular types and sizes Commercial Christmas lights for parks, towns, cities and other municipal use large commercial Christmas light displays.
Awe-inspiring lighting projects require maximum connectability...a perfect fit for commercial L.E.D. 1 single commercial grade adapter allows up to 58 sets to be connected together. Never before has this been possible until now! Commercial Grade L.E.D. lights use a 20 gauge wire with coaxial plug connections.

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NEW Technology LED Lights How they work and more!
All-in-one Gutter/Shingle Clips - 100 pc.
Item Sku: CLIP-ALL
All-in-one Gutter/Shingle Clips - 100 pc.


All-in-one Gutter/Shingle Clip Plus - 100pc.
All-in-one Gutter/Shingle Clip Plus - 100pc.


LED All-in-one Gutter Shingle Clip 100 pc.
LED All-in-one Gutter Shingle Clip 100 pc.


Shingle Tab 100 pc.
Item Sku: 14-325
Shingle Tab - 100 pc.


Parapet Clip 100 pc.
Item Sku: 14-326
Parapet Clip - 100 pc.


New Technology LED Christmas Lights
LED Christmas Lights
Revolutionary, Amazing Indoor/Outdoor LED Christmas Light Strings
Connect Up To 43 Strings End To End In A Row

Save Money
Saves 80-90% In Electricity.
Saves Replacement Cost

No Filament, Much Cooler Operation, Cool To The Touch.
Fireproof, Shatterproof, UL Approved.

Uses up to 90% less Electricity
Up to 50,000 hours Bulb Life

Voltage:  120V
Manufactures Warranty:  Limited Factory Warranty

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How They Work
LED Christmas Lights use Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), now considered "the greatest invention in lighting since Edison's light bulb in 1879." LEDs are rapidly replacing light bulbs in a variety of high reliability applications, including traffic lights, brake lights, and emergency exit signs.

LEDs are constructed from tiny solid-state chips similar to those used in computers. These chips directly convert electricity to light without the use of a filament or glass bulb. Instead, the chips are encapsulated in solid plastic that can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes.

Why Do Some Lights Cost More Than Others?
Purple and Blue Cost The Most To Manufacture They Are Also The Brightest and Coolest To Look At!

Beautiful Design
At first glance, the flameproof bulbs in LED lights look like bright conventional miniature light bulbs. A closer examination, however, reveals that LED lights have slightly different shape. This shape has facets that create a unique shimmering effect, with different light levels when viewed at certain angles. The result is striking, particularly as the lights shimmer in the breeze outdoors or one walks around the tree or other object being lighted indoors.

This latest development in decorative lighting technology promises to change the way people decorate their Home, businesses, and even towns for many years to come. Less power consumption, longer product life, and durability without the hazards of excess heat build-up should make the holiday season brighter, safer, and ecologically more sound.

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World Tallest Christmas Tree
See our 160' Christmas Tree Powered by LED Christmas Lights with Over 50,000 LED Christmas Lights
For Live Tree Cam

Christmas Treasures, offering the most desired and highest quality Christmas tree lights for your Home and the Holidays.  The lights bring an extra sparkle to the Holidays with there unique designs and quality, from the magical floating bubbles of bubble lights to the incredible life like flames produced from the flicker flame lights.  These Christmas Tree lights will be cherished and loved for many years to come.

All lights are UL Listed and Approved